"Finding the freedom to express your virtues, through painting, music, singing, dancing or writing will unlock the joy, magic and wonder of the soul.”


Michelle Pfeiffer, a Toronto native, received training in graphic design at Humber College School of Design, then worked in Advertising for several years, before returning to the Ontario College of Art and Design (OCADU) in 1989 to study Fine Art.

Her multi-disciplinary practice encompasses mixed media, acrylic paint and printmaking, often incorporating recycled materials and found objects from nature in the work. Her art explores spiritual values, symbolism and personal truth as a way of connecting the head to the heart. Michelle’s solo exhibition, “I was a Bird in a cage and you gave me the sky” was celebrated at the Idée Gallery in Toronto early in her career. Today, her illustrations, paintings and murals can be found on book covers, on websites, in magazines, at restaurants and in malls around the globe.

Michelle has taught meditation and exercises in creativity to women in Shelter and for various community groups and school projects around the world. Michelle recognizes now, more than ever, the importance of drawing as a form of mindfulness meditation. With inspiration from Betty Edwards’ book, “Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain,” Michelle teaches both adults and children.

 Her latest accomplishment is the creation of Awakening Cards for world-renowned spiritual speaker BK Shivani, a practitioner of Raja Yoga Meditation www.brahmakumaris.org. Her exclusive line of How to Bee and Self Mastery cards are sold online and in select retail outlets.

Michelle has recently returned to Ontario from the Middle East. She presently works as a freelance artist, volunteering her creative skills at the Brampton Meditation Centre.

Awaken your creativity and reclaim the beauty of the Soul through Art