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Find creative coaching, art classes, or an original “Soul Painting” that echos your highest spiritual vibration. Find an uplifting mural or a painting for your space. Whatever it may be, you’ve come to the right place. “Let me paint for you!”

About Michelle

Michelle Pfeiffer, a Toronto native, received training in graphic design at Humber College School of Design, then worked in Advertising for several years, before returning to the Ontario College of Art and Design (OCADU) in 1989 to study Fine Art. Her multi-disciplinary...

Customer reviews
"Michelle, your work really blows my mind. I connect very deeply to it. The colours the patterns. It must flow from a deep connection to Life, Spirit, the Ground of Being, or whatever you like to call it. It seems other worldly, transcendent to me."
— Maria Borsato
“Michelle, thank you for your patience and encouragement.”
— Anita Lauer
“I write to you to let you know what a great experience the creative workshop was for me. It was very revealing about me personally… it was a profound experience for me. Thanks for creating the space for this to happen.”
— Karen Hume
“Michelle, I want to thank you for sharing your time, talent, and heart with us.”
— Gabe Paoluzzi
“Michelle, the gift of helping others to let go & free ourselves & open up to creativity is priceless. Thank you for being you, believing in yourself and what you do.”
— Maria King
“I love the way you get down to it. Your time & energy make this company a success.”
— Dolly Hopkins

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