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You are blessed

Art with heart's Hamsa series is a yoga lovers favourite. This card speaks of innocence depicted by the face of a cherub. The original art work is acrylic on barn board with touches of gold leaf. Perfect for all occasions such as weddings, anniversary, business, birthdays, mother’s day, graduation, healing in difficult times and friendship.

 As well as my own meditation practice I am inspired by spiritual symbols from around the world. The Hamsa Hand originates in Egypt and is used to ward off negativity. My travels include India, the Middle East, Thailand, Egypt, China and Europe.  

  • 100% soft, premium quality recycled paper
  • Blank inside but gently illustrated with full color designs
  • Hand decorated, kraft envelope
  • Package arrives individually in a clear sleeve
  • Message: "Blessings of love" 
  • Dimensions: "5.5”x4.25”


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