“Be remembered as someone colourful and openhearted - someone who can take the most boring task and do it with love – a person who always finds a creative solution and inspires others to take risks and discover their own highest and unique expression of the soul.”

- Michelle Pfeiffer

Creating with Virtues

Join me for your daily creative virtue workout. Your mind and heart will thank you for it! I will show you how to work with the art materials you have available, how to use the “Bee cards”, and how to create a virtue painting. Each session will end in a short meditation. The sessions will give you the wisdom and answers you have been looking for. No previous art experience is required and all ages welcome.

What I offer:

• A passion for the creative process

• Gentle guidance

• Meditations/Visualizations

• Help with painting technique

• Private or group workshops for adults and children

What you will discover:

• How to challenge old beliefs & ideas around creativity

• Painting intuitively

How you will benefit:

• Build confidence

• Experience a sense of well-being

• Attitude becomes hopeful

• Feel more alive and happy

• Deeper self awareness

What you will explore:

• Joy of letting go and playing

• Learn a variety of ways to use acrylic and watercolour paint

• Collage and mixed media techniques

Who would benefit:

• All professionals, counsellors, artists, alternative practitioners, parents, children, families

• Art experience not required

When would you benefit:

• Times of transition such as birth of a child, death, retirement, relationship break-up etc

• Visioning for the futureIf feeling Stressed or blocked

• When reconnecting to the Spiritual


........ Cost: $80 for Private sessions ........



........ Time: Sessions are 1.5 hours ........


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Awaken your creativity and express the virtues of your soul