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Fly Away With Me

Mixed media on barn board 

This mixed media on barn board piece incorporates spiritual symbols from religions around the world. The Hamsa Hand (Eye of Fatima) originates in Egypt and is used to ward off negativity, the symbol of God as Light is painted on a stone, and the angel wings symbolize lightness and freedom. 

Painting on barn board was inspired by the beautiful Ontario countryside. Taken back in time i wanted to experiment painting on barn board to give a vintage feeling to the art. 

This piece is acrylic paint on 100 year old authentic barn board with accents of gold leaf paint, and stencilled with flowers to give it a whimsical feeling.

The barn board has been cut and mounted on wood slats to make it sturdy and easy to hang. The painting can be hung indoors or outdoors in a garden.

10" x 20" Weight 3.5 kg




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